Sharjah is a constant contrast, where modern metropolis meets desert mirages. Allow us to arrange your visit to traditional Bedouin camps and linger over a picnic lunch atop the dunes at Al Dhaid.

The UAE is not all about boastful skyscrapers, shopping malls and super fast cars. Nature lovers should escape to Khor Kalba, an eco-tourism haven of creeks and mangroves. Decidedly more adult, the most romantic way to observe the ever-shifting sands of time in Sharjah is to board a traditional Abra at sunset, to admire the shimmering city lights of sky-piercing towers and the sparkling night sky above. On other evenings, head to the desert to observe the night sky next to Fossil Rock Mountain or discover the stars and planets at the Mleiha Archaeological Centre.

After revelling in the extravagance of Dubai, escape into the cultural wilderness of Sharjah. The city’s iconic landmarks and attractions are easily accessible from The Chedi Al Bait, Sharjah, by foot, a taxi or a bus ride. You may get in touch with our luxury concierge team if you would like us to arrange two-way transportation to any sightseeing spot.



Fresh out of Dubai’s glitz, landmarks in Sharjah will take you on a journey of cultural exploration, down-to-earth and close to the heart of every Emirati living in the city. Begin with these places:

1. Al Dhaid

Bask in the captivating beauty of Al Dhaid, a serene oasis nestled deep within Sharjah’s hinterland. Here you can taste an abundance of nature’s finest offerings – succulent dates, vibrant limes and guava picked from lush plantations irrigated by ancient falaj channels coursing with pristine water from the nearby Hajar Mountains. Delightful strawberry fields reach out as far as the eye can see before eventually giving way to majestic mango trees lending their wonderful fragrance on balmy desert winds. Discover traditional pottery alongside intricate carpets at Fujairah Market, open every day. Catch thrilling camel races during winter on Thursdays and Fridays, where jubilant cheers echo across sunlit sands that have been home for centuries.

2. Khor Kalba

Nature aficionados from around the world visit the picturesque Kalba Conservation Reserve in Sharjah, to indulge in its breathtaking landscapes and captivating ecosystems. Escape to the tranquil Al Hafiya Picnic Park for an entertaining picnic, or paddle through the mangrove forest for a serene kayaking and sightseeing experience. Immerse yourself in a world of adventure with activities such as falconry at the renowned Kalba Bird of Prey Centre, or take a scenic hike through the trails of the Al Hefaiyah Mountain Conservation Centre. Create lasting memories with loved ones as you camp by meandering waters beneath the shimmering sky of stars, a perfect treat to end your trip before travelling down to Dubai.

3. Fossil Rock Mountain

Embark on a journey of discovery to Fossil Rock Mountain, a one-of-a-kind outdoor experience in the UAE offering a harmonious blend of nature, culture and adventure. Soak in the breathtaking views of the mountains as you hike its trails or set up camp for an unforgettable night under the star-studded skies. Delve into the rich history of our planet as you explore the evidence of early species and ancient marine fossils embedded in the rock formations. Navigate the shifting sands of the desert on buggies and witness panoramic vistas lit up by a starry sky on clear desert nights.

4. Mleiha Archaeological Centre

Discover a world of unparalleled wonders at Mleiha, a UNESCO-nominated World Heritage Site in the heart of Sharjah. Unveil awe-inspiring Bronze Age tombs and pre-Islamic forts, as well as a wealth of artefacts that were uncovered from its sands. The Mleiha Archaeological Centre also offers exclusive tours that reveal secrets from centuries past, such as pottery shards, iron tools and camel skeletons. For those seeking an adrenaline-fueled adventure, bask in the desert winds while you ride a quad bike, or tackle Camel Rock, whose heights offer panoramic views of this otherworldly landscape.

5. Khalid Lagoon

Hop on the traditional Abra at Khalid Lagoon, and take in the afternoon breeze, the charming golden hour or the brightly-lit cityscape when night falls. Plan a picnic on the lush green and enjoy the mesmerising Sharjah Fountain Light, an eye-opener for the young ones. Or, let the nightly musical presentations serenade you and your loved one on a romantic night out.

Complement your sightseeing experience with more iconic tourist places in Sharjah, beginning with some of the best shopping destinations, including traditional and modern Emirati souq featuring unique specialties distinct from Dubai.

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