Bait Khalid Ibrahim Wing

Timeless Arabian charms at The Chedi Al Bait now include our adults-only Bait Khalid bin Ibrahim at The Serai Wing, impeccably designed as two distinct houses, to delight families and groups seeking private luxury accommodations with the utmost comforts and dedicated service.

Khalid Ibrahim House 1 and 2, along with a charming café, sit within the hundred-year-old former home of Khalid Bin Ibrahim.

Khalid Ibrahim House 1 offers two Jacuzzis, five generous bedrooms, plus one suite, all overlooking the private, temperature-controlled swimming pool.

Khalid Ibrahim House 2 boasts the duplex Khalid Ibrahim Grand Suite, its colossal windows angled over the stunning swimming pool, plus four additional bedrooms and one suite. Within its tranquil surroundings also sit an exclusive private space that can be turned into The Movement Studio as well as a private lounge and dining room ideal for festive gatherings.

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